Steps to Upcycling Your Old Uniforms or Unwanted Fabrics with KTJ

Upcycling old uniforms is a great way to repurpose materials and reduce waste. However UPCYCYLING is hefty process that includes a

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Part 2: Taylors University Fashion School X KTJ : The Impact Project

Meet the fashion students of Taylor's Lakeside University, Fashion Design School.Julia Wey Khai Yee I am a fashion student currently studying in

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Combining Fashion Design with Sustainable Products; by Taylors University X KTJ : The Impact Project

Fashion students are encouraged to engage in social activities by utilizing their creativity and abilities to have a positive impact on

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What is a Social Enterprise?

What is a Social Enterprise? How Is It Different from an NGO?

What Is A Social Enterprise?If you're here, you're probably wondering what is a social enterprise and they differ from a non-governmental

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What is Batik? A Beginner’s Guide to the Art of Batik

What is Batik?Batik is a traditional art form that has been practiced for centuries in various cultures around the world. It

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Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

5 Creative Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Ideas (Malaysian Brands)

Looking for Environmentally Friendly Corporate Gifts?Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts has been all the rage recently. It's not hard to understand why since

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Thank You Message For Corporate Gifts

How To Write Thank You Messages For Your Corporate Gifts (+8 Examples)

You've found the right corporate gift, all within budget and the supplier can fulfill the order. The next challenge comes, what

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