The Impact Hamper Guys

Unique Gifts That 

Transform Lives

We customize corporate gift hampers with curated products that provide jobs and empowers single mothers, autistic & down syndrome youths, refugee families, the underprivileged.

Enhance Brand Reputation

Showcase your brand values through thoughtful gifts and leave a lasting impression. 

Make An Impact 

Transform lives, uplift communities and preserve the environment with gifts with impact.

Boost Customer Relationships

Elevate the gifting experience with a customize gift and strengthen the working relationship.

Finding The Right Gift Is Hard Enough

If you've been in the market for the right gifts for your business, you'd know that it isn't as easy as it sounds. The products available in the market are often times uninspiring, have no personal touch, and are often overpriced. Worse of all, they often have zero or a negative impact to the society and the environment. 

  • Generic Mass-Produced Products
  • Overpriced Products
  • No Personal Touch
  • Zero Impact To The Community

Personalize Your Impact Hampers!

Personalize Your Impact Hampers!

What we do

Creating excellent value for our clients through hampers with Impact!

We create customized hampers that gives back with compounding impact. We can customize the theme, the items, the story-card, the logo applications, the packaging, the wrappers, and even the communities you'd like to impact.

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What You’ll Get With Every Impact Hamper

High Quality

Handpicked products of the highest quality, artfully packaged in sustainable gift boxes

Customize & Personalize

Customize your gift, add branded products, or add a logo to the box

Create An Impact

Our gifts transform lives, uplift communities and preserve the environment

Personalize Your Impact Hampers!

Gifts For Any Occasions

There are endless reasons for giving someone a gift. There are many festive reasons (especially in Malaysia) or it could be a token of appreciation for your clients, employees or event attendees. 

Whatever the occasion, we've got the gift that's perfect just for you! 

Festive Gifts

Delight clients, employees and friends with festive themed gifts that gives back and make an impact to the different communities that you and/or your recipients feel strongly for. 

Employee Gifts

Deepen engagement and show appreciation to your team and onboard new employees with corporate gifts that showcase your company values. 

Client Gifts

Strengthen relationships, show appreciation for new and continued business and celebrate milestones with gifts that make a meaningful impact. 

Events/Conference Gifts

Welcome attendees, thank speakers and create memorable events with unique, socially conscious gifts that engage and inspire. 

Meet Our Impact Partners

Delicious home-baked cookies made by the loving hands of young adults and students with developmental disabilities (autism, down syndrome and slow learners)

PichaEats has one simple mission: to serve you great food while also rebuilding the lives of refugees in Malaysia, majority of whom had no choice but to flee their homes due to war and persecution

The Asli Co. empowers indigenous mothers to earn a sustainable living through making modern handicrafts & products from home. 

Kechara Soup Kitchen serves the homeless and marginalised communities of all races and religions in Malaysia in various ways - food, welfare aid, job placement shelter and basic medical services.  

Langit promotes unique and heirloom agricultural produce by smallholder farmers from East Malaysia to larger markets with 35% of retail proceeds going directly to the farmers. 

Tumboh aims to support Support local organisations, people, institutions and charities that help underprivileged Malaysians improve their lives.


3 Easy Steps To Order Your Impact Hampers


Connect With Us

Click the enquiry button below and share what your requirements are (quantity, MOQ, impact, etc) and we will get to you with a quote. 


Delight Your Recipients

Sit back and relax, we will do the rest. We will ensure that your recipients will be delighted with their gifts.


Create An Impact

Rest assured that your gifts will not only make an impact to your recipients but also the communities you choose to support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are The Impact Hamper Guys?

We are! We are happy to introduce to you our NEW trending service - and its to create customized hampers that gives back with compounding impact! Imagine giving back to not one community, but to a few all at once! Etc; A hamper that empowers our B40 women community, but at the same time it also provides job opportunities to autistic & down syndrome youths, refugee families, the underprivileged and also the single mothers group.

Can I Customize The Hampers?

Sure you can! We understand if you may want to create a compelling hamper with a impactful story. We can customize the theme, the items, the story-card, the logo applications, the packaging, the wrappers, and even the communities you'd like to impact.

Is there an MOQ?

100 pieces is the minimum order quantity for customization. Bulk order with no customization has no MOQ

What is the turnaround time for an order?

A new batch of 100pcs takes at least 1-2 weeks of production (at the max capacity)- So, if you require something quicker. LET US KNOW, we might be able to recommend available products :D 

How Many Impact-Stories Can I Include In One Hamper?

As many as you want! We've made hampers that empowers more than 8 communities. And if you're looking for a special hamper idea, we've got you covered. We even include products made by Malaysian batik artisans all the way from Kelantan! 

Can I Design A Hamper According To A Budget?

Yes you can! Anywhere starting from RM20 all the way to RM300. We will be able to advice and create a hamper just for you. The hamper orders MOQ starts at 50-100sets and a sufficient lead time would be needed. But all-in-all you can entrust us with your special hamper gift-aways!

Can We Have Our Branding On The Hamper?

Of course you can! The pricing will differ based on the application and quantity. Plus, we would require an additional 1 week of lead time. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Delight Your Recipients And Make An Impact Today!