Build Your Team & Drive Profits
Through Corporate Upcycling

We help corporate companies drive their sustainability campaigns through upcycling projects and build their team through upcycling-themed team-building programs. 

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Is your company facing these challenges?

  • Is your company worried about its impact on the environment and social responsibility?
  • Want to make your company more eco-friendly and cost-effective?
  • Do you want to boost team collaboration and creativity while saving money?
  • Are you looking to involve your team in sustainability and financial improvement?

We Turn Sustainability Challenges Into Opportunities

At Komuniti Tukang Jahit, we're your sustainability experts, committed to helping your business overcome challenges and uncover opportunities.

Through sewing and upcycling projects, we empower B40 women artisans in Malaysia, fostering a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Specializing in corporate upcycling project management and creative team building, we'll work alongside you to ensure your business thrives sustainably by:

Helping You Go

We'll assist your company in becoming more environmentally friendly.

Creating a Responsible Brand

Together, we'll build a brand known for caring about people and the planet.

Inspiring Positive Change

Our partnership will ignite meaningful changes in your organization and community.

Empowering Your Sustainability Journey

Discover how we empower your sustainability journey with our specialized services:

Corporate Upcycling Project Consulting

We'll transform your waste into opportunities, reducing costs, and boosting your environmental impact. Our expert project management ensures a seamless transition to eco-friendly practices.

Corporate Team Building and Training

We foster collaboration, creativity, and sustainability awareness through engaging team-building activities and tailored training sessions, creating a workplace that cares about people and the planet.

Upcycled Product Creation

We turn your upcycled waste materials into innovative, marketable products and/or corporate gifts, giving new life to discarded resources and enhancing your sustainability efforts.

Our Past Projects

We've worked with Malaysia's top corporate brands in achieving their sustainability goals through upcycling:

Malaysia Airlines

corporate upcycling


upcycling team building

SP Setia

corporate upcycling

Your Path To Sustainability in 4 Easy Steps

Embarking on your sustainability journey with us is a straightforward and rewarding experience:

Step 1.

Initial Consultation Call (FREE!)

Our journey together begins with a friendly conversation. We'll listen to your goals, challenges, and aspirations, gaining a deep understanding of your unique needs and sustainability objectives.

Step 2.

Customized Solution 

With your insights in mind, we create a customized plan tailored to your business. This plan incorporates innovative strategies and sustainable practices, setting you on the path to lasting change.

Step 3.

Project Execution 

Once the plan is in place, we spring into action. From upcycling projects to team-building workshops, we execute with precision, ensuring every detail aligns with your sustainability vision.

Step 4.

Celebrate Success!

 As positive transformations unfold, we pause to celebrate your achievements. Together, we'll mark milestones, recognizing the impact you've made on the environment, your brand, and your community. It's a journey worth celebrating.

Why work with us

When you choose Komuniti Tukang Jahit as your sustainability partner, you unlock a range of benefits that extend far beyond your business


Our upcycling projects save you money by turning waste into valuable resources, reducing waste disposal costs, and optimizing material usage.

Environmental Impact

Partnering with us strengthens your commitment to sustainability, contributing to a cleaner, greener future for our planet.

Engaged Workforce

Our team-building and training programs foster employee engagement, creativity, and a sense of purpose, resulting in a motivated and productive workforce.

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