If you've been following us, Komuniti Tukang Jahit, long enough - you'd know that beyond our mission to empower B40 women through sewing - we also have a strong emphasis on sustainability and being eco-friendly.  

Almost all of our projects have these two things intertwined - helping the community & saving the environment. We've also been lucky to work with corporate companies who share the same vision as us too. 

In this post, we are excited to share such a project that we did together with one of Malaysia's leading banks, OCBC Bank. This was a project that was about creativity, community building and giving old stuff a fresh start. 

OCBC Corporate Upcycling Project: A Friendship Sewn with Generosity

Our partnership with OCBC Bank was a shining example of what can happen when we come together with a shared vision. 

We brainstormed ways to maximize our impact, asking, 

How can we breathe new life into discarded materials, create jobs for our B40 tailors, and support those in need?"

The brainstorming sessions led us to a project that truly had a massive impact in a lot different ways. 

A Shared Vision

Our collaboration with OCBC Bank showed the power of a shared vision.

They generously donated old fabrics, sparking brainstorming sessions focused on creating jobs for our B40 tailors and helping those in need.

We decided on turning those fabrics into pouches but the impact of the project as a whole goes far beyond just pouch making. 

Truly Inclusive Project

But OCBC Bank's involvement didn't stop at donations. They envisioned a project that would unite everyone, creating a spirit of togetherness and shared purpose. Instead of simply engaging KTJ to create pouches with our talented B40 tailors, they took it a step further.

OCBC Bank encouraged their entire staff to join in, collecting fabric donations from their own closets. This initiative turned the project into an all-inclusive endeavor, bringing together their team and ours in a collective effort.

Multiple Impact

Our holistic approach to this project created a multi-faceted impact. It empowered our B40 tailors, providing them with income and renewed purpose, while also reducing textile waste through upcycling, contributing to a greener environment.

The proceeds from pouch sales supported Rumah Hope, a children's home, underscoring our commitment to community well-being. 

Additionally, our dedication to sustainability was evident as we donated surplus fabric to Kloth Care. In every step, we aimed to create positive change that extended far beyond sewing and crafting, fostering a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

A Transparent and Collaborative Process

In our commitment to transparency and collaboration, we ensured that every step of the process was carefully weighed and measured, from the meticulous sorting of donated fabrics to the final creation of charming pouches. This quantified the impact of our initiative and reinforced our dedication to making the most of every resource.


Sorting The Donations

Once we gathered those generous donations, we meticulously sorted through them. KTJ played a big role here, using our expertise to pick the best fabrics for our project. This collaboration wasn't just about materials; it was also a chance to share knowledge and create a teamwork vibe.


Weighing in on Impact

Before we started upcycling, we weighed all the donated clothes. This wasn't just about numbers; it was a way to show how committed we are to making the most of every resource.


Craftsmanship at Work:

With the materials all set, the skilled women in our home-based team took over. They turned those fabrics into charming pouches, each a reminder that there's potential hidden in every piece of discarded fabric. This step not only gives fabrics a new life but also lets these amazing women showcase their talents and make a real contribution.

Project Impact

Our commitment to this project went beyond sewing and upcycling; it encompassed a comprehensive impact that reached various facets of our community and environment.


First and foremost, this initiative provided a source of income and livelihood for our talented B40 tailors. By upcycling old fabrics into vibrant pouches, they gained not just employment but also a renewed sense of purpose and financial independence.

#2 POSitive impact on the environment (upcycling)

Beyond economic empowerment, we made strides in environmental sustainability. Through the process of upcycling, we breathed new life into discarded fabrics, reducing textile waste and contributing to a cleaner and greener environment. Each pouch was not just a fashion statement but a statement of our commitment to the planet.

#3 SUPPORTING RUmah hope, a children's home

The impact of this project extended to the younger generation in need. The proceeds generated from the sales of these pouches were dedicated to supporting Rumah Hope, a children's home. This full-circle approach not only generated vital funds for a noble cause but also highlighted the importance of supporting initiatives that promote sustainability and community empowerment, especially among our future leaders.

#4 donating balance fabric to kloth care

The sustainability loop continued as well. The surplus fabric, not utilized in pouch production, found a valuable purpose. It was donated to Kloth Care, reinforcing our commitment to minimizing waste and extending a helping hand to those dedicated to sustainable practices.

In every step of this project, we strived to make a difference that went far beyond the stitches and fabrics, touching lives, preserving our planet, and nurturing a brighter future.

Project Impact

Our collaborative journey with OCBC Bank exemplifies the power of collective action for positive change. This project empowered our B40 tailors, promoted environmental sustainability, supported Rumah Hope, and minimized waste through fabric donations to Kloth Care.

We believe in the potential for similar projects to make a difference in your organization. If you're interested in exploring upcycling projects, don't hesitate to contact us.

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