Corporate orders directly helps our B40 women community as it provides them with the opportunity to earn their own income.

KTJ has been newly awarded with the SE.A Plus Accreditation by the Ministry of Finance. Every cash donation made will be tax exempted. We look forward to working with like-minded individuals and corporates to empower the B40 Women Community. Together, let's build a sustainable ecosystem, and work on improving the welfare of the community.

About us

To be able to continue impacting lives, we had to be sustainable. Therefore, presenting to you our key services; we manufacture corporate gifts, fashion accessories, fabrics-goods and other craft-items. Even if you're a home-entrepreneur looking to OEM new products for your brand - please consider KTJ as part of your wonderful social-journey :D! 

Process Steps | How to Customize My Own Gifts?


First, let's come up with an idea!

Look through our catalog or gallery for ideas of products that you may want to customize and order. 

Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is at 100 pieces per product.


Have a reference, quantity or a budget?

Perhaps if you have a NEW fresh idea in mind - do keep the images as references! WE can attempt to make almost ANYTHING - so long it is "sewable"!


Contact us for a quotation!

So now that you have an item or product in mind, a required quantity, a rough idea of the design direction - simply email them to us at or fill up this form, and WhatsApp us for immediate action :D!

Read more about us here! 

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