We've been a part of many upcycling projects over the years and here's one we've been pretty proud of.

Not because of the product that came out of it (which is awesome too by the way), but more so for the impact that was created overall which shows the power of collective action. 

Joining hands with Yasasan Gamuda, UNIQLO and ASLI.co to birth a line of hand-stitched laptop sleeves, guarding not just your gadgets but also our precious environment. 

But the story goes deeper than just us making laptop sleeves...

The Project: Upcycled Laptop Sleeves 

With us, Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ), at the helm, the upcycling enthusiasts behind this ingenious venture. Turning fabrics into functional, beautiful products is our forte, and this time, we're focusing on fashioning splendid laptop sleeves.

Yayasan Gamuda: Backing the Green Vision

In this partnership, Yayasan Gamuda, a dedicated NGO fostering community development and environmental causes, steps in as the enthusiastic buyer. They recognize the value of our craft and have ordered a collection of these meticulously hand-sewn laptop sleeves. This union isn't just about supporting Yayasan Gamuda's missions; it's about amplifying their commitment to sustainability.

UNIQLO: The Fabric Donor Extraordinaire

Global fashion powerhouse Uniqlo takes center stage as the generous fabric donor. They've provided us with top-notch materials, showing their dedication to responsible material disposal. By channeling surplus fabrics into this initiative, Uniqlo isn't merely cutting waste; they're contributing to the creation of a valuable and eco-friendly product.

ASLI.co's Creative Twist

ASLI.co, our esteemed partner in social enterprise, adds a touch of creativity to this collaboration by supplying us with printed pockets. These pockets inject innovation and functionality into our laptop sleeves, underlining ASLI.co's dedication to groundbreaking, eco-friendly solutions.

Synergy for a Sustainable Tomorrow

This consortium exemplifies the extraordinary potential of collective action for a sustainable future. We, at KTJ, are the creative spark, meticulously assembling the donated fabrics and printed pockets to produce laptop sleeves that not only please the eye but also respect the environment.
More Than Laptop Sleeves: A Message of Unity and Impact

Our project transcends mere tech protection; it's a testament to the meaningful impacts of collaboration. Repurposing materials and advocating sustainability, we collectively stand as evidence that like-minded organizations, when brought together, can inspire substantial positive change.

It's Beyond a Laptop Sleeve

Our laptop sleeves aren't just stylish accessories; they represent what's achievable when organizations and individuals combine forces. Each sleeve narrates a tale of partnership, ingenuity, and a shared dedication to a greener future.

A Tapestry of Community, Creativity, and Conservation

In the end, the result is more than just a laptop sleeve. It's a symbol of what can be achieved when organizations and individuals unite for a shared purpose. Each sleeve embodies a story of collaboration, creativity, and commitment to a more sustainable future. It is a testament to the potential for positive change when like-minded organizations come together.

Through the creation of these hand-sewn laptop sleeves, KTJ, Yayasan Gamuda, Uniqlo, and ASLI.co have not only crafted a practical product but have also woven a tapestry of community, creativity, and conservation that will have a lasting impact on both the environment and the lives it touches.

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