Corporate Upcycling Project:
SP Setia x Komuniti Tukang Jahit

In an inspiring collaboration that combines creativity, sustainability, and social empowerment, SP Setia, a renowned property developer in Malaysia, and Komuniti Tukang Jahit have joined forces for a transformative pilot project. 

This innovative initiative aims to upcycle uniforms into beautiful home decor items as sustainable corporate gifts, breathing new life into discarded garments while providing economic opportunities for disadvantaged women. 

By harnessing the power of upcycling and the artistry of B40 women, SP Setia and Komuniti Tukang Jahit are redefining the concept of sustainable design, where every stitch becomes a symbol of resilience, resourcefulness, and positive change!

SP Setia Upcycling Project:
Behind The Scenes

Here's a quick glimpse of what went down behind the scenes to make this project happen..

The Beginning

The pilot project with our esteemed partner at S P Setia started all the way back in February of

The discussion was pretty direct when the Project Planning, Design & Sustainability
Department reached out to KTJ, and their interest to explore the collaboration to upcycle old
corporate uniforms from S P Setia into corporate gifts. 

Upcycling Old Setia Uniforms Into Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Besides empowering B40 women, producing sustainable corporate gifts has also been something that we've proudly stood for.

Upcycling old uniforms not only gives the clothing a new purpose, but it also reduces waste and supports sustainability.

The Prototypes

In June 2022, we produced samples for 5 different products: 

  • Flat Tote Bag
  • Book cover
  • Pillowcase
  • Utility Pouch 
  • Stationery Holder

All items are not just showcase pieces but also useable and functional items. 

Upcycling Ideas: The many items that we could make from their old uniforms

The Production

From the 5 that were proposed, SP Setia decided on 3 items: Table Runner, Pillow Cases and Tote Bags.

The SP Setia team dropping their old uniforms and having a quick tour of the KTJ warehouse.

Since this is quite new for our production team to handle old uniforms, it was definitely an
experience to handle non-conventional fabrics, as a lot of re-opening, stitching, and re-sewing
were required.

Plus some parts of the old uniforms were stretchy, making the whole process
more complex but definitely a learning curve for our tailors.

A few alterations and changes were made, for example, the jointing of the products, down to the sewing technique, to ensure a high-quality product.

Project Unveiling: Upcycling Old Uniforms Into Beautiful Tapestry & Home Decor Items 

The finished hand-sewn products of this collaboration were showcased at SP Setia's International Women's Day (IWD) " EmpowHER " celebration event at their Corporate HQ. 

Here's quick look at the beautiful pieces made by the KTJ team:

In conjunction of the collaboration, EmpowHER IWD Series was celebrated at S P Setia Corporate HQ.

Apart from the sustainable corporate gifts, SP Setia also commissioned a custom-sized quilt using batik perca, handsewn by the ladies of Komuniti Tukang Jahit - to commemorate their event and celebrate the collaboration! 

The custom-stitched quilt made by KTJ tailors

They even invited our founder, Ms. Yap Sue Yii, to be one of the panelist speakers, to share her insights during their International Women’s Day celebration at Setia Corporate HQ. 

From left: Yap Sue Yii, founder of Komuniti Tukang Jahit; Nadiah Tan Abdullah, S P Setia chief human resources officer; Datuk Zuraidah Atan, advisor of S P Setia’s WIN@Setia (Women of Inspiration), chairman of S P Setia Foundation and director of S P Setia Bhd; Datuk Halipah Esa, S P Setia independent non-executive director; Nik Suzila, co-founder of Kloth Cares; Datuk Merina Abu Thair, S P Setia independent non-executive director

Our team also participated as one of the booths at the event, so apart from physical purchases, more exposure was brought to our light.

The Impact

Fitting with fitting with one of S P Setia’s pillars of sustainability, we found ourselves like a
perfect match to carry out the collaboration to upcycle their old uniforms and give them fresh air to still be functional and usable.

Apart from reducing landfill waste, through this collaboration, S P Setia has helped more than 7 tailors in our community with the 300 pieces total order.

We’re looking forward to a more long-run collaboration and all-year-round orders to sustain both our community and a great giving-back story for S P Setia. Their effort in helping underprivileged communities and recycling their old uniforms was indeed commendable.

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