What’s not to love about batik? The Southeast Asian textile art made by repeated motions of waxing and dyeing creates multicolored, elaborate, eye-catching pieces that are impossible to resist.

FYI, your batik wardrobe doesn’t have to include only traditional clothing, modern outfits like babydoll dresses, earrings, and even face masks come adorned in batik textile, thanks to the evolution of fashion, and the everlasting popularity of batik.

Check out these six brands in Malaysia to fuel your modern batik obsession.


A model wearing a batik babydoll dress. Photo: Kanoe /Instagram

Founded in 2016, local sustainable fashion brand Kanoe adds traditional flair to modern jumpsuits and babydoll dresses with intricate batik motifs sourced from textiles across the globe.

Whether you’re searching for flowy midi-dresses, casual playsuits, or off-shoulder babydoll dresses, the batik pieces listed on Kane’s website are limited, so buyers will be sure to get their hands on a design that’s one of a kind.

Oh Dayang

Collection of batik earrings by Oh Dayang. Photo: Oh Dayang /Instagram

For lovers of all small and colorful things, Oh Dayang specializes in a unique collection of batik accessories that will add an exciting burst of color to anyone’s wardrobe.

Browse their Instagram account for gorgeous stainless steel hoop earrings and vibrant necklaces with batik motifs to match your patterned blouses and skirts.

Sridewi Batik

Model wearing a batik pencil skirt. Photo: Sridewi Batik /Instagram

A brand named after the Javanese goddess of the harvest, Sridewi Batik gives monochrome corporate fashion a vibrant batik update.

Embroidered with batik motifs in various floral patterns stitched with gold thread, the pencil skirts and blazers stand out from your usual black, white, and navy power suits. Say goodbye to boring corporate clothes and hello to exciting batik Thursdays every day.

Gerson Batik

Man wearing a suit and a batik tie. Photo: Gerson Batik

Men may look dapper in suits, but what about men who give their wardrobe a dash of color with a batik tie? Groundbreaking, as Meryl Streep’s character in Devil Wears Prada would say.

While Gerson Batik has made a name with batik wardrobe staples for the modern woman, they’ve recently ventured into menswear just last month with an array of batik-patterned ties that will add some serious color to a man’s everyday suit.

Komuniti Tukang Jahit (Tailors Community of Malaysia)

Malaysian royalty Zatashah Sultan Sharafuddin wearing a batik mask. Photo: Komuniti Tukang Jahit

We don’t mean to be a downer, but while COVID-19 is on the loose, the one essential you’ll need to match your future all-batik wardrobe is a batik face mask. Social enterprise Komunity Tukang Jahit makes eye-catching, intricate, and reusable batik masks that are perfect for a day out while social distancing in style.

According to their website, the community trains single moms, housewives, and disabled people from impoverished households to sew these masks and various other batik items, whilst providing them with a stable income.

Support your local social enterprise when you purchase a face mask from the community’s Instagram page.

Nyonya Kain

Batik accessories from Nyonya Kain. Photo: Nyonya Kain /Instagram

A batik vendor based in Kuala Lumpur, Nyonya Kain’s products are reminiscent of how the average Malaysian wardrobe could have looked in the past; vintage, classy, and elegant.

Traditional batik fans will adore Nyonya Kain’s selection of gorgeous tote bags, pretty lanyards, and vibrant hair accessories adorned with batik prints. The brand also makes comfortable pario wraparound skirts, elegant baju Kedah, and lit kaftan sets.

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