Creating Better Lives for B40 Women Through Sewing

We provide certified sewing skills to B40 women, giving them an opportunity to secure a stable income while being fully committed to their responsibilities



Customers served! 50 + Customers served!


Customers served! 50 Customers served!

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Customers served! RM 50 Customers served!


Why Empower B40 Women?

We believe that supporting and empowering B40 women is important to address issues related to poverty, gender inequality, and social and economic disparities in Malaysia.

When we support women, they become the driving force for change in their homes and in their communities!

Poverty Alleviation

B40 women are often more vulnerable to experiencing poverty due to limited income and financial resources. By supporting and empowering them, we can help uplift entire households and break the cycle of poverty.

Gender Equality

B40 women face intersecting challenges due to their gender and socio-economic status. Empowering them helps address gender inequalities by providing access to education, healthcare, employment opportunities, and decision-making processes.

Social Development

Empowering B40 women improves the overall well-being of families and communities. By providing them with support and opportunities, we promote social inclusion, enhance social mobility, and foster stronger, more resilient communities.

Economic Growth

B40 women represent a significant portion of the population and workforce. When empowered, they can contribute to the economy through their skills, talents, and entrepreneurial endeavors, leading to increased productivity and economic growth.

Sustainable Development

Achieving sustainable development requires the inclusion and empowerment of all segments of society. By focusing on B40 women, we ensure that no one is left behind, fostering a more equitable and sustainable future.

Empowering Women,

Uplifting Communities

We believe in the power of equipping our community with valuable skills and knowledge. 

By training our beneficiaries in sewing, we enable them to create exquisite corporate gifts and handmade items that meet commercial standards.

But it doesn't stop there. We complete the picture. 

We bridge the gap between talented tailors and a steady stream of orders through our holistic approach:

Our Holistic Approach


 Skills Training

We provide comprehensive sewing training and certification to empower our beneficiaries with the necessary skills to create high-quality products.


 Sales & Marketing

We help our beneficiaries reach customers and secure orders by utilizing our expertise in sales and marketing. This ensures a consistent flow of business for them.


 Sustainable Income

Our goal is to provide stable income by connecting beneficiaries with reliable customers and opportunities, ensuring a sustainable income for our beneficiaries.

We are a social enterprise accredited by the Malaysian Government with the aim to tackle the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Trusted by:

and more..

3 Ways You Can Make A Difference

Together, we can create a world where every woman has the opportunity to succeed and live a life of dignity and purpose. 

Impact Corporate Gifts

We can customize your corporate gifts that match your brand values and ESG initiatives. Gifts that transform lives, uplift communities, and preserve the environment.

Custom Bulk

Have a custom product in mind? We can customize hand-sewn products for you and your company - uniforms, tags, notebooks, gifts and so much more.

Shop Our Products (Retail)

Our community has over the years produced over 93,000+ hand-sewn products. These products are also available for sale on our retail site -

Our Tailor Community

Meet some of our tailors and hear what they have to say! Joining our community has allowed our tailors to generate a side income for their families. 

What Clients Say

We've ordered 175 pieces of handmade pouches from KTJ for an event with all the CEO's of GLC's. With the good quality of fabric used and the selected vibrant colours that portrays Malaysia at-its-best,

Nurul Shaheera Latif   

Program Coordinator | MaGIC Cyberjaya

Upon presenting the premium handsewn neck-tie to the Crown Prince of Selangor, he was extremely shocked that it was made by a stay-at-home mom! As a VVIP gift during SAY's event, it certainly started many conversations.

Dr. Mohd Zulikhwan bin Ayub
SAY Youth Community

First fell in love with the designs, then found out about the notion behind KTJ from my friend who purchased her masks from you. Then after that, fell in love with the price as it's reasonable and affordable!

Karen Wong Instagram Buyer

No One Left Behind

Uplifting B40 women doesn't just benefit the beneficiaries.

It also benefits the nation by driving economic growth, reducing poverty, and fostering social cohesion. 

Their empowerment leads to a more prosperous and inclusive society, promoting innovation, sustainable development, and stronger families and communities. 

  • Economic Disadvantage
  • Social Inequality
  • Reduced Overall Development
  • Inter-Generational Impact


3 Ways You Can Join Us In Making A Difference!

Together, we can create a world where every woman has the opportunity to succeed and live a life of dignity and purpose. Experience the power of empowerment with Komuniti Tuang Jahit.

Shop Our Products

You can purchase our products from our sister site Royale Culture here.

Impact Corporate Gifts

We generate most of our income through meaningful corporate gifts that creates an impact

Custom Bulk Orders

We can customize hand sewn products for you and your company - uniforms, gifts, etc

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