Vision and Mission

Komuniti Tukang Jahit is an initiative that builds and empowers a community of women especially single women, housewives, the OKU group and underprivileged women.  KTJ enables these women the opportunity of earning an income by providing them with sewing jobs.

From our interaction with our members, we discovered how each and every one of them needs assistance from many aspects; be it financial, educational, skill-development or just by guiding them to the right direction.  And how appropriate is the saying that goes ….  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  This adage is aligned with the mission of KTJ.  We have been training women of the community to sew basic corporate gifts and clothing and they are able to produce commercial standard items that are being ordered by corporate clients.

We believe that providing tailors with the right tools and machineries is the first step to helping them uplift their lives, however without the business acumen of finding orders, tailors can be very discouraged with insufficient incoming orders.  This is where KTJ comes into the equation as we realize the importance of running a sustainable business, hence the team created a holistic cycle to enable the women in the community to have a secure and stable income over a longer period of time.

CSR compliant companies are happy to support KTJ because it is not a charity-base collaboration.  These women are instead given the opportunity to prove themselves and showcase their sewing skills.  And being able to produce beautiful quality gift items for corporate clients.  And at the same time enabling them to earn a decent income without having to leave the safety of their own home.  Besides taking care of their home and family and contributing in a small way towards the family’s financial situation does give these women some form of independence and achievement. …  a form of empowerment.

KTJ aim to expand and strengthen the vision and mission of KTJ by holding basic training courses, and while doing so – we would be able to up-skill more and more women; whom would then be able to generate an income through the orders provided by KTJ.