KTJ empowers a community consisting of single women, single mothers, the OKU group, and stay-at-home mothers with the working opportunity to earn a sustainable income through sewing orders; and all within the comfort of their own home.

Komuniti Tukang Jahit is an platform that provides certified upskill training targeted to the B40 women community. Our mission is to provide sewing skills to home-makers, giving them the opportunity to secure a stable income while being fully committed to the house-hold responsibilities. With the responsibility of sourcing jobs for the community, KTJ seeks orders from corporate partners, governmental support and other organizations. These orders are then distributed to the beneficiaries as a job opportunity. KTJ is responsible for the operation management of order distribution and the transparent contributions to the beneficiaries.

Through this effort, the community is fully supported; providing them with the right skill-set & the job opportunities that are sourced from the public.

What We Do

Empowering Women Through Handsewn Corporate Gifts

We work with a group of talented designers, making sure that the products we produce are of amazing aesthetic quality and made with premium materials. We are able to customized corporate gifts according to your company’s brand message.

Want to elevate your CSR practices? Engage with us!

Create amazing corporate branding campaigns by giving back and supporting our mothers here at KTJ – and receive amazing hand-sewn products that can be given to your customers. Send a clear message and spread awareness to your company’s CSR efforts when you hand your customers with premium gifts made by women of Komuniti Tukang Jahit.


Our solution is targeted towards helping the development of women in general and women of the household. Women who are situated at home with responsibilities, but wishes to earn a side income for the family.

Most housewives, single women or single moms are situated at home because of family commitments, therefore they are unable to commit to a full-time job or hold a part-time job because of its fixed working hours. Hence, earning any form of income becomes difficult for them.

Learn more about our programmes, vision and mission; and how KTJ aims to help empower women through sewing.

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Thinking of Joining The Community?

Know how to sew? Would you like to join our circle of tailors?
Interested to learn more sewing skills that would enable you to earn a steady income stream?

We are always looking to help & empower more women of the household. We are currently based in Ampang (KTJ HQ) and if you’re interested to learn more, simply reach out to us.

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Email | ktjtailors.my@gmail.com (B2B/ Bulk or Collaboration Enquiries)
Chad | 017-313 4813 (Retail Enquiries)
Hasna |  012-6834326 (Tailors Registration)

Operating Hours | Only upon appointment confirmation.